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Understanding Our Roots!

To truly understand much of the New Testament,

we need to have a foundation of truth

from the Old Testament.


The rich foundational truths of God’s Word will come alive in this topical study. The prophecies of the coming Messiah, the events, patterns and miracles of the Old Testament reveal God’s eternal plans and purposes today.


This course is taken from the manual, Patterns for Living, and is available for Download

 Teacher: Dr. Jack Tuls


Session One – God's Covenant with Us


The Bible is God’s inspired, infallible Word to us. This study reveals how the Bible came to us in the form we have today, and what this means.  Audio Video

Session Two – Eight Periods of Old Testament

When tackling a large volume of information, it makes it easier to understand if we divide it into digestible sections. The eight periods of the OT form an outline into which all the other information fits.  Audio Video

Session Three – Our Covenant Keeping God

God has established covenants with His people, and by His very nature He will keep these covenants. It is important that we know these covenants – then we will know our rights and privileges as His children.  Audio Video

Session Four – 330 Prophecies of Jesus in Old Testament


The OT is more than a book of history, it is His Story. The Messiah is revealed in every book of the OT. The fulfillment in the person of Jesus is one of the proofs that He is the Messiah.  Audio Video

Session Five – Tabernacle - God's Awesome Picture

The Tabernacle was a visible type of the coming Redeemer. Every piece of furniture reveals more of Jesus. Each offering revels more of the complete sacrifice Jesus made for us.  Audio Video

Session Six – Applying the Feasts to Our Lives

Each of the seven feasts represented a past event, but was also a prophetic picture of future events. Today we are the kings and priests  Audio Video

Session Seven – Heroes of the Old Testament

Seven men we know by name, but who were they? God called them for special assignments in their day, but who they were speaks into our lives today.  Audio Video

Session Eight –Understanding the Judgments of God

To understand the judgments of the future we must understand the judgments of the past – The Flood – Sodom and Gomorrah – The Coming Judgment  Audio Video

Session Nine – Miracles of Provision

The OT is a book of miracles. There are miracles of leading, of healing, of supernatural provision. Anything God did for the Children of Israel, He will do for us if we will believe. Studying His involvement in the past lets us place our faith solidly on His Word.  Audio Video

Session Ten – Possessing Our Inheritance


As the Children of Israel came into the Promise Land, they are a picture for us today. The parting of the River Jordan, the walls of Jericho falling, the defeat at Ai, Gideon, and David all have a message for us today on how we can claim our inheritance and live more victorious lives.  Audio Video