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Healing for Ourselves

Healing for Others

What does God’s Word say about healing? Is it for everyone, or only for a select few? Is healing one of our rights as a child of God? This powerful teaching provides a solid Word foundation for healing. It establishes a basis to receive your healing and releases your faith to boldly minister healing to others.

Taken from the manual, God’s Provision for Healing, which is available for Free Download

 Teacher: Dr. A.L. Gill

Session One–God's View Sickness and Disease

Understanding God’s view of sickness, disease, pain and its source, positions us to boldly receive, and minister healing  Audio  Video

Session Two – Who Will Believe the Report?


Isaiah reveals that Jesus not only bore our sins, but also our infirmities and pains as part of His redemptive work on our behalf.  Audio Video

Session Three – Doing the Works of Jesus


Jesus operated in the power of the Holy Spirit, and He has given that power to us!  Audio Video

Session Four – Walking Sticks of Dynamite!

A demonstration of God’s healing power, and how you can receive and minister God’s healing power by faith.

Audio  Video
Session Five – Me, Lay Hands on the Sick?

Practical instructions on how to release God’s healing power to flow by laying our hands on the sick.

Audio  Video
Session Six– Speaking Powerful, Faith-Filled Words



How to release God’s healing power to flow by the words we speak.  Audio Video

Session Seven – Healing Through Actions

Understanding the importance of bold actions and praying God’s Word in faith and agreement in receiving and ministering healing.  Audio Video

Session Eight – Healing from the Inside Out

The healing of our souls positions us to receive the manifestation of the healing of our bodies.  Audio Video

Session Nine – The Gifts of Healing for You!
Session Ten – Receiving - Keeping Healing

Removing the hindrances that have kept you from receiving your healing and discovering how you can keep the manifestations of your healing.  Audio Video