Miracle Evangelism

Signs draw the crowds.

Wonders confirm the message.

Miracles create faith and people believe.


miracleevangelism (1)

God’s plan was for the message of salvation to be accompanied with signs, wonders and miracles. 

God’s plan has not changed ~ there is no other way.

Miracle Evangelism in the hands of every believer is the key to reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ ~ the Son of God. 


This course is taken from the manual, Miracle Evangelism – God’s Plan to Reach the World,
which is available for Free Download


 Teacher: Dr. A.L. Gill


Session One – The Heart Beat of the Father God

Jesus said we were to go into all the world, to every creature, to every nation, every kindred, every tribe, and every tongue, and preach the Good News. His plan has never changed!  Audio Video

Session Two – Revival for our Time!

There is going to be a wave of miracle evangelism that will sweep over all the earth, and then the end will come.  Audio Video

Session Three – The Church Triumphant


The Church, the body of believers, will be the most powerful force on the face of the earth. The Church Jesus said He will build will be an overcoming, triumphant body, forcibly advancing over the strategies of Satan.  Audio Video

Session Four – Militant Evangelism


Millions are held in spiritual darkness through spirits of deception and false religions, and are heading for an eternity in hell. It will take strong, militant, forceful believers to bring them the Good News.  Audio Video

Session Five – Releasing the Global Harvest

There are two important prerequisites to global harvest. They are prayer and praise.  Audio Video

Session Six – Power Evangelism in Action

God is raising up a new breed of believers. They are bold to do the very works that Jesus did. Power evangelism is miracle evangelism.  Audio Video

Session Seven – Ministering by the Anointing

The anointing is the tangible presence of God. It’s the impartation of His ability on an available, yielded vessel to carry out the Lord’s will and work.  Audio Video

Session Eight – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Every believer who would be effective in miracle evangelism must learn to operate in the wonderful, practical gifts of the Holy Spirit. Through these gifts we will know what God wants us to do. We will speak what God wants us to speak, and we will do what God wants us to do.  Audio Video

Session Nine – Ministering Healing and Deliverance

Everywhere Jesus went, He ministered healing and deliverance. Miracles confirm the message. Miracles make room for the message.  Audio Video

Session Ten – Finances and the Pioneer Spirit

The Law of Sowing and Reaping releases the pioneer spirit.  Audio Video