Kingdom Equippers

Apostles ~ Prophets ~ Pastors – Evangelists ~ Teachers


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Jesus gave five ministry gifts to the church. This study will help you discover how these gifts should flow together to prepare God’s people for works of service.

It will help many understand the call of God on their lives.


This course is taken from the manual, The Ministry Gifts Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers,
and is available for Download

Teaching by Dr. A.L. Gill


1 - Who - What is an Apostle?

This Session defines the Ministry Gifts. It sets the biblical basis for knowing your calling, or the calling of others, whether apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers.  Audio Video

2 - Who Are the Elders?

They are recognized by their functions, qualifications, and responsibilities.  Audio Video

3 - God's Plan for the Church

God’s plan is for the five-fold ministries to flow together in unity in the local church, so that the believers can be equipped for the works of the ministry.  Audio Video

4 - Apostles - Not Created to Rule!

How can we recognize an apostle? Is this a title or a function?  Audio Video

5 - Apostles in Action

What are their key areas of ministry?  Audio Video

6 - Prophets Under God

Learn the biblical definitions from both Old and New Testament examples.  Audio Video

7 - Prophets - Their Responsibilites and Warnings

Understanding the calling of the prophet and learning how to judge a prophecy  Audio Video

8 - Equipping Evangelists

Knowing the messenger – the ministry – the message  Audio Video

9 - Ministry of the Pastor

Learning the calling, the qualifications,and the ministry  Audio Video

10 - Are All the Teachers in Sunday School?

What is the calling of Teacher? How are they to function in the church today?

Audio Video