Kingdom Advancing Prayer


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The disciples said, “Lord, Teach us to pray.” and from this simple beginning, we can learn a whole new way of praying.

We can discover how to release God’s power, authority, kingdom, and will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Through intercession, praying the Word, and prayers of faith and agreement, we can change our lives, our family, and the world.


This course is taken from the manual, Prayer – Bringing Heaven to Earth, and is available for Free Download

Teacher: Dr. A.L. Gill


Session One – Prayer That Changes the World!

True prayer is a powerful, world-changing force. This study gives us new definitions of what prayer is, and what prayer is not.  Audio Video

Session Two – Understanding the Basics



Before we can pray effectively, we must understand who can pray, what our position is in Christ, and what our authority is.  Audio Video

Session Three – The Victorious Prayers of Jesus

If we are to pray as Jesus prayed, we need to spend time learning how He prayed. In John 17, He prayed for us!Audio Video


Session Four – Bring Heaven to Earth When You Pray!

There was something so different in the life of Jesus and the prayers that He prayed that the disciples said, Lord, Teach us to pray. When we pray God’s way, we can bring heaven to earth!  Audio Video

Session Five – Stones that Block Our Prayers

To pray faith-filled, God-led prayers, we must first remove the hindrances – the barriers to prayer.  Audio Video

Session Six -- Steps to a Successful Prayer Life

Abide in Christ – Ask according to His will – Pray in truth – Pray in the Spirit – Pray intensely – Pray without ceasing – Fasting and prayer AudioVideo

Session Seven – The Prayer of Faith and of Agreement

There is natural faith, and supernatural faith. Prayer is strongest when it is based solidly on the Word of God, and when we are joined by others in a prayer of agreement.  Audio Video

Session Eight – You Can Pray in Power!

Jesus spoke with authority. When we empty ourselves of our desire and hear from God, we can use His name and speak with authority. We can enter into warfare prayers.  Audio Video

Session Nine – Intercession, The Heart Cry of God

God’s power is released into situations when we hear His heart cry and speak those things into existence. Prayer is a privilege and a responsibility.  Audio Video

Session Ten – If You Abide in Me

Jesus said, If you abide in Me, and my words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. First we hear, and then we pray..  Audio Video