God’s Kingdom

 Jesus said, “I will build my church;

and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Let’s be part of the church He is Building!


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The Book of Acts reveals his church, his body of believers, was to be a church of powerful signs, wonders and miracles!

This book is a pattern for lives and ministries today. You will discover the joy of living in the supernatural!


This course is taken from the manual, The Church Triumphantavailable for Free Download

Teaching by Dr. A.L. Gill


Session One – The Church Is Commissioned

Jesus commissioned the Church to be a Church of power, His body here on earth, and Jesus introduced the Holy Spirit.  Audio Video

Session Two – The Promise of Power

The book of Acts starts with two promises. The first was the words of Jesus that they were not to depart from Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came and they would receive power. The second was that Jesus would return again.  Audio Video

Session Three – The Holy Spirit of God

The Holy Spirit came, first to the Jews, then to the Samaritans, and finally to the Gentiles. All through the book of Acts people were saved, and then they received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and they spoke in tongues. Speaking in tongues was a God-idea, and it still releases the power of the Holy Spirit.  Audio Video

Session Four – There's Power in the Name of Jesus

Satan knows the secret of the believer’s effectiveness. He has released an all out attack against the power of the Holy Spirit, and the authority we have in the name of Jesus when spoken in faith.  Audio Video

Session Five – Jesus' Plan for the Church

The church Jesus is building includes every believer and all five-fold ministry giftings. It’s time to lay aside our traditional patterns and methods and let Jesus reveal His plan as presented in His Word.  Audio Video


Session Six – Marks of the New Testament Church

The Church Jesus will build will exhibit the baptism with the Holy Spirit, teach the Word, be a church of perserverance, with signs, wonders, and miracles, experience true repentance, and supernatural multiplication.

Audio Video
Session Seven – Peter, a Man Who Exhibited Both Faith, and Failure


The Bible tells us much about Peter, and he is an example for us today. Peter was the only disciple that walked on the water. He was the disciple who first understood who Jesus was. Right or wrong, he was 100% committed, never luke warm.  Audio Video

Session Eight – Peter, the Rock

After Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit, he became a bold, miracle-working apostle fearing no man, and not even fearing death. He brought the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the Gentile world.  Audio Video

Session Nine – A Miraculous Conversion

Saul became Paul, The persecutor became the persecuted, Trained in the doctrines of Israel he was trained by God in the doctrines of God. From being hated and feared, he became the father to the Gentile world. Paul was the writer of much of the New Testament.  Audio Video

Session Ten – The Church Triumphant

Today God’s plan for the Church of the Living God has never changed. The early Church was committed, walked in forgiveness, in submission, in obedience, unity, and in power.  Audio Video